You Are A Competent Beginner If:

… If you are sure about what you want, you check how it’s done by watching some experts and talking to beginners like you, you prepare for the success.

That’s it.

Lapanese writing
My first japanese calligraphy lesson

But come take a look if I can do this myself, by telling you how I did it so far.

and state your purpose online.
You may be here for your entertainment, or to express your personality, or for making money, or for becoming famous, or both, or for raising money for a great cause you genuinely belive in, or for getting many people connected around a mutual interest…
Whatever your purpose is, you want to be efficient in your quest and you can only do that if your purpose is clear in your mind. Stating it to others makes it truly powerful and makes it able to drive your actions.

Do your research
and do it well.
Read about your thing, find what others have to say about it, find people who are already where you want to go. Find pros and cons of the thing you’re interested in, from various resources of information (various, not too many!). Question everything you find, weather is in favour of or against your wish. If there is a flaw, you’ll see it and if everything’s alright, good for you! So don’t let yourself be a partisan of what you want to find.
Tony Robbins could easily show you how you’ll find exactly what you are seeking, ignoring everything else.

Find the experts
in that field you want to join.
Understand what do they bring as benefits to others and see how many people are getting what they need by following the teachings of those gurus. You don’t necessarily need to know right now what qualifies them as experts, but you do need to trust them in order to learn from them. There are very experienced people online, with great accomplishments, who remained normal people you can talk to, if you’re not abusing their time. They worked hart their way and now they show others the way to success.
As I am a beginner myself, I watch them closely and try to model their success.
But be aware, there is also plenty of fake experts, people who stepped yesterday into some business, but they talk to you like they built that business themselves. They sound competent only due to their Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys endurance. Stay away from them, as not only they will mislead you, but you may come to belive you aren’t as smart as they are. Which isn’t true, obviously, as you’re reading this.

 to beginners like you.
Most of the times, in stressed situations, we are reluctant to talk to authorities, but feel comfortable to ask and share our thoughts with people of our kind. For example, I’m no expert of the matter that interest you, but I might be more closer to you than any expert, if I’ve been there just moments before you and I know first hand how you feel, what your main worries and big frustrations are, because I felt the same, just moments earlier… I still have fresh memories of what I did and how, what didn’t went smoothly and what worked great for me.
And I will share those useful experiences with you.
Being just few steps ahead of you, you can follow me from a safe distance, avoiding my mistakes. Just step into my footstep to success. Oh, be careful: if this is a minefield, you’d want to step exactly into my footsteps!

the journey.
If it is something important, that requires preparations, prepare it properly. Not perfect! Just good might be enough most of the times. I was always a perfectionist and it took me painful years of wasted hard work energy to learn, as an architect, that making improvements on a sketch is way much more effective than trying to design something great and perfect from the beginning.
This blog is quite a mess right now, but come back and read this again in few, let’s say… five months from now. At this moment I have something to start with and I will be smiling after a while, looking back at how this looked like, “back in April 2014″… I will grow it, nurture it, feed it, love it, every day, little by little.
As JT DeBolt says, being perfect is not what’s important, improvement is.


I went through this sequence myself. I am now a successful, competent beginner.
I am heading to the state of continuous inner growth and outer prosperity and I’ll take you with me.

See you at your doorstep!



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara