Who Reads Sunday Emails And Why

The answer is… those seeking a solution to their problem.sunday emailz TM_0

Too short an answer? 

It is this short because it is very simple: we all do what we want.

Hold on, I mean we do things we dislike, we do things that we even hate, but we do them anyway, in order to avoid the bad consequences of not doing them.
So we make a choise.
“If I don’t do it, it’s bad. Sh*t, I’ll do it!”

We are so different in so many ways, but what we all share is the desire for a better life, for ourselves and for those we care about.

We want to have more time to spend with the loved ones, to follow our passions, to play a sport, to do your hobby, to play with the dog.
We want to eat better, to buy better cloths, to live in a nicer place, to drive a cooler car.
We want to share, to fulfill our interior needs, to attend an event, to create and leave a legacy.

All these requires money and time. You may have the hard-earned money, but if there is no time left after the long job hours, you can’t be really happy.
And that’s a problem…

And when the problem is in your mind even on Sundays, that’s a problem you have to find a solution really soon!
You need to find something, or to do something that will change everything for the better.
… Best is to find something and do something!

Back to our options.

If you don’t have any important problems to solve, you can skip even some good possible solutions received via email, or leave trying them for later, next days.
For example, if you want a new tent for your next year holiday, you won’t search for it in your sunday emails.

Think about this.
Sunday is considered a day to be spent with the family. It is “the” day off, nowadays part of a whole weekend off. Anyway, relaxing time with family.

But when something is ardent, you don’t care what day of the week or what time it is. YouRich Poor Gap simply do whatcha gotta do to solve that problem.

For example, if you’re in debt and the pay-back day is approaching, or when you must help a dear one who have a serious health problem, you’re alert all the time, because it is important and urgent.

Some other times, it may be important, even if not urgent.
Your pension suck (or will), if you’re retired. If you’re mid-aged, you may know realise kids need to go to a better school soon. If you’re younger, you may be wanting to really secure your financial future with a serious business that can offer you freedom.

And if there is some real, proven solution out there, or someone pointing on it in an email, you don’t care it is Sunday! 

You grab it right away!

Next, you see what it is,
than you see what it can do for you,
and finally see what you should do next.

So, even if it’s Sunday, your day off, your day with the family, when you know something good is in this email, you open it, read it and check the advice given.

For example, today I have sent an email in which I offer a good solution to a real problem.
I’ve heard most “Internet Marketing “Gurus” actually advice not to send emails to ones followers on Sundays. I find that to be irresponsible, if I know you have a problem and I do happen to have the solution.

Especially because it’s Sunday, the people who are serious about solving their problem will thank you for it! Sunday is the day when they are most actively seeking for solutions. Their mind is somehow relaxed and they can see the value I give them.

In the given example, I proved how sending an email on Sunday can actually be the best solution to reach your reader’s attention.

Another example is related to the problems mentioned above: lack of time and money and how to surpass it.
On that, the solution may be here, under these very words. Insert your best email address and watch the video. It is about 20 minutes long, so it’s great to watch it on a Sunday:




About the author: Corneliu Nicoara