warm-up--zWhen I decided to learn kyudo – the japanese martial art of archery, it was because I understood it was all about improving oneself. Of course, one can pursue self-improvement in so many ways, but kyudo simply attracted me more than any other activities. I had to follow twelve modules course, covered over a six weeks period, in an established dojo, the only one in my country at the time. The learning was pretty intense and I felt like I acquired a ton of information and practice in a very short time. And it was a ton, compared to what I used to know, which was almost nothing. But it was beautiful, interesting, engaging, motivating, rewarding.
The real beauty of the path, though, opened it’s gates only after that beginner course.

I feel the same now about engaging in an internet business and life. A lot of promising things, lots of options that makes it not easy to choose, uncertainties and so on, made me feel almost confused at times, but I made up my mind and I started. I am right now in the process of learning the first steps, but I feel really excited by everything that is there to come my way.

When you realise that being on the way could be the most beautiful and fulfilling part of any journey, you won’t wait to much on the start line, wondering when is it the right moment to start. More than the beginning itself and even more than arriving at the destination, the real excitement will come along the way. It is like traveling. The destination may be great, but the most memorable moments belongs to the travel itself.

We tend to belive that we must set everything up perfectly before taking any action. In reality, it is more important to get out there in the game, as soon as possible, making adjustments and improvements, and inconsistencies sometimes, than waiting until everything is perfectly set up.
Not to mention that it may be boring to prepare and prepare and prepare, fearing you’re not prepared yet anyway…
If you start doing whatever it is driving you, you will be soon so busy encountering challenges and dealing with them, that you’ll feel excitement all the time (just like you feel it right now, before your start, thinking of what it is to come!). Besides, you’ll discover and learn things you couldn’t imagine before about yourself and about your online companions that you’ll meet along the way.

On the other hand, if it is to make a bad choice, the sooner we make it, the better. Sometimes we may find that the path we are on wasn’t really the one we wanted to be on, in the first place. That’s fine, nobody should keep doing something that they don’t enjoy anymore, but everybody should try to get back on the right track, to do something they enjoy doing, or are even passionate about.

But, you see, time is the only one thing we can’t get back, so if you did yourself a favour and started earlier, you’ll be able to make the corrections earlier, therefore you’ll sooner get where you really wanted. They say “try before you buy”, exactly because you can’t tell upfront whether some thing suits your needs or not, unless you try that thing.

Or… unless that thing is tailored for your specific needs! And that is why I want you to express your opinion, or leave a question, below, in the Comment area, then share!

Could the answer to your question be revealed in my next post? Because the next post will continue this one, with specific actions you’ll be wise enough to take, for a great start to your success!

Ready to get ready?!



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara