To Begin

imagesBeginning is just that: the beginning.

What matters is what follows.
When we want something, how to start that something is, in fact, the last thing to come into our attention. The first to come in mind is the desired outcome, followed by the way to get there and, at last, how to start.

Whether you want to start blogging, or want to make money online, or both, like John Chow does, or to raise money for a great cause, or  if you want to change your life on a deep level, or to help others to change theirs for the better, or just to experience some new online trendy social activities or games, whether you want to find your soul mate or just double your dating, if you search for a new and better job, or to start an online business from scratch, or to teach something you do, know and love, or if you just want to learn something, or if you feel you have to lead your peers or to follow people you respect and trust, than you have to begin somewhere, somehow and you want to make sure you’ll have a good start.

Too many dreams are wasted because of people being afraid of what will happen after they start.
It is true that shit can happen! It can be that you take the wrong path while you belive it’s the right one, it can be the wrong pace you walk at that path, you are too slow or too fast, maybe the people you travel with are not great companions, or the ones who you’d expect to trust and support you don’t, or some unpredicted challenges on the way are too strong for you or, on the contrary, surprisingly easy.
But bad things might not happen as well, or they might be less important than your target, so don’t let yourself be paralysed by the fear of the unknown or failure.

Right now, you don’t know if my next blog post will come or not, so how bad can it be?! Stay tuned, I know you’re here for a reason.

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