Three Categories of Quit Smoking Results: Poor, Horible and Great

They say there are as many ways to quit as quitters are. That is as true as is that there are as many smoker’s cough as smokers are. Not true, to be specific.

Yes, there are many ways that smokers try, just because they hear that statement. But there is only one way out of the trap: you open the trap and remove your foot from the trap. Duh, I know. Any other attempt will make you suffer more.

All the “ways” to quit smoking falls into one of three categories of results: a) poor results, b) horrible results and c) fantastically great cool forever lasting positive results. Takes you too long to choose? I describe them in these videos.

Seriously, if you already fell you put too much effort into your quit, or that it keeps you thinking about it a lot, if you still wonder how long will it take until you’re a non smoker, than you can realise already that you are not on the right “method”. Watch these without resentments’ it’ll make you aware that there is an easy, enjoyable and fulfilling way to quit and stay quit.

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About the author: Corneliu Nicoara