The Very Second Blog Post

cocarda_2stThis is the second post on my blog, yet is the beginning one.

I haven’t written a first post, because it was scary. I procrastinated for weeks now, because I imagined it has to be important. Of course, because it is the first one, it is the Debut, I must prepare it patiently and wisely, for everybody to judge it.

I titled this post “The Very  Second Blog Post” because very is only suited for extremes, like “the very first” or “the very last”, although “first” means, you guessed, first, so it wouldn’t need to strengthen the idea of being the first by using this “very”, unless you’re not taking yourself too seriously.

The importance of the first post on a blog must be measured first for… being the first, for being the entrance to the blogging world, and only secondary for the content itself.

The Content itself, another challenge! Secondary in this case, but crucially important, more important than the content of future posts, because is The Content Of The First Post on my blog.

If this were the first post, I would have introduced myself properly. But, because it is the second one, I can simply tell you that I just engaged in the wonderland of making money online by following my passions, which are understanding my wider and wider surroundings, self-improvement, sharing my greatness to the world and practising kyudo, the martial art of japanese archery.


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