The Beginning Is Near

MG_3756-431x575-Guy-Fawkes-You know that fulfilling your dreams for a better life will also improve the lives of the people around you: your relatives, your friends, your neighbours and co-workers… The ones that loves you will feel better seeing you happy and fulfilled. Others will simply be okay to see you smiling, for they may smile too. Nobody likes to be around unhappy persons. Even people who don’t like you too much would probably understand that it is better to be around “the positive” you.

It’s great you want it, just you may not be quite sure when you should take action toward that goal.

Your desire is strong (otherwise you couldn’t be reading this, lol) and it is the fuel of your trip to success. If you learn just as much as needed to reach to the next step and if you apply that little knowledge, you will know how to deal with the important things, before things happens, so you’ll be ok.

Don’t put more stress than necessary onto the idea of begining-being-crucial. Sometimes it really isn’t and there will be so many more steps to take to get where you want to arrive. It is so comfortable to know that you didn’t do anything wrong yet (okay, laugh!), just because you are just starting!
Remember, you are in the position of the beginner because you wanted to get somewhere, not simply to move from your place!

You start, you travel, you arrive.
Having the end in mind, get ready to do the first thing first: to begin.



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara