Nothing To Do With Your Hands

Smoking has nothing to do with your hands and you should not try to do anything special with your hands when you quit smoking. Use your hands like a non smoker that you want to be. I know what many say, that you must find something to do with your hands to replace the habit of handling the cigarette. That relies on the belief that, as you did a certain thing for so long (habit), it would be hard for you to stop doing it at once, so you need to continue for a while. Before you go watch the video below this article, let me clarify something:

How “Positive Thinking” Ruins Your Quit Smoking Attempts

Studies show that we’re two times more driven by fear/loss motivators than by gain/benefit ones. Basically it comes from a deep ancestral need for security, to make sure we stay away from danger, so that we live and procreate. Rewards are good and we want them, but we can live and procreate with or without them. Indeed, pains of any kind or size, physical or emotional, could move our asses faster than any of the positive motivators. When it comes to smoking, you’d expect that just few of the bad things would be enough to help us quit twice faster than booking the holiday we promised to ourselves to...

When Willpower Crumbles… Heck, You Didn’t Need It Anyway!

It’s one of the strongest concerns that prevent smokers from even trying to quit. If you are one, you know you have it and used it successfully in other areas of your life, but when it comes to quitting smoking, your shoulders fall a little, you look down, you feel awful and admit to yourself… or to a really close one: “I just don’t have enough willpower…”. That’s what I talk about in the videos below. About why you don’t need it, actually! I know it was awful for me to belive I don’t have willpower and not only I felt being let down about ever escaping from smoking,...