Survey Yourself

As a smoker, you’d never think you can help others quit. It wouldn’t make sense… at first. But realise that, like in any class, when you raise your hand and ask a question, all other pals of yours will learn from the anser you get.

But it gets better!

How’d you like the teacher to ask YOU for HELP to improve the stuff he’s teaching you?! To have him asking “What would you like to learn next?” and then see him taking notes on what you say, prepare the next lesson and teach you exactly what you’ve asked for, and more?


Me? When I want something that someone else has, I ask. You have the questions I need to answer. So here we go:

I NEED your HELP :-)
Before I open my next series of videos, I must make sure that what I deliver is what you ask for. What I want is to teach you more about how to deal with, get rid of, or even prevent smoking cravings after you quit smoking. To be fully honest, I want you to get that before you quit! But I need to know where do you stand.

So I prepared this short questionnaire, only three questions long, multiple choice answers. Pick your answers, fill in the required details, then see what other people’s results are. You’ll be surprised, I promise you.

The best part comes next. Once I gather all the results, I send you a video about… YOU and your results and how yours are related to the others and why. I’ll also tell you one of the best ways I know for you to achieve some of the goals you said you wanted in the survey.

Here is the link again, go and survey yourself to quit smoking and stay quit.

P.S. If your answer to the first question is positive, you should already think about who is that someone you could help…



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara