The Quit Smoking “Triggers”

The “smoking triggers” are nothing else than normal things of life, small or big, trivial or tragic, but just normal, nonetheless, as I demonstrate in the video below.

They are no different for smoker than for nonsmoker, but it is their falsely amplified importance that makes the smoker look at them with the fear of something bad going to happen (cravings etc). And when we expect the bad, we usually generate it.


The so-called triggers are defined as such by two categories of people, both of which unfortunately have nothing to do with the knowledge of how smoking works, misleading and frightening, as a result, the poor smoker who tries to quit.

The first and fewer ones are most of those who haven’t had one damn smoke in their whole lives, therefore with no first hand understanding of how is it to be a desperate smoker, but who are required by their profession or position to try to explain something that apparently makes no sense, like smokers wanting to smoke because they… finished lunch!! Or the phone is ringing. Or they just woke up, or are ready to go to sleep, or had great sex, or are just bored or tired, or are fresh, or are happy or sad, or left work, or are waiting the bus or are scared or feel confident…

The second category, of the many ones is compound by, oh, my!, most of those smokers and quitters who don’t understand the phenomenon as well, but who, precisely because they are part of it, belive they do. They feel as well the need to understand what they can’t, but there is more and worst for them: they also need unconsciously to have something to blame their possible failure on… This is the worst of all that come from perpetuating the myth of triggers, because the smokers will actually set themselves either for failure, or for living in frustration thereafter.

I hope you are not one of them.
I say look at those “triggers” and beyond them. See them for what they are, normal things of living, no more and no less, to help make your quit easy. Actually, I ridicule them a little in my recent video I made for you, even in the picture you are looking at :)

I hope you enjoy it, here:

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About the author: Corneliu Nicoara