Quit Smoking Now, If You Know How

Remember that and quote it when you can, so that others will learn it and thank you for helping them. That is my slogan, because it represents everything I stand for… And against. That’s what today’s video is about.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, they say. But when you fail, you don’t just lose an opportunity, you also lose hope, energy, self-esteem, strength… time…

So, what’s your last unprepared success? None?
Same here. Every time I tried to do something greatly important without preparation, I couldn’t, but I picked myself up and prepared, meaning in a different way than when I failed.

Quitting smoking IS easy, if you prepare the process of quitting the way successful quitters did, not following the advice of an army of 97% failures, who copy and paste the same non-senses of “set a day, tell everybody to bear with you and drink water”.
Do what losers do and expect to win. Walk the way that took you nowhere and expect to get somewhere else.

Conclusion time.
If you are not ready, don’t do it yet. You’ll be frustrated anyway, because you’ll feel deprived of something that you already miss before saying bye-bye to it. And what do a smoker want when frustrated? A cigarette? But you don’t allow yourself to have it, so you frustrate yourself even more. And that makes you want a ciggie even more.

And so on, you got it. How about removing the desire to smoke during the process pf preparation I mentioned? Sounds good?
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About the author: Corneliu Nicoara