Quit “BY” Smoking??

That’s what we are after every time we smoke: the feeling of not being stressed, a feeling that non smokers feel all the time and smokers only when they take the drug.
If this video seems too long or boring to watch, let me write its condensed idea, that you can read right below the video.

Every time you smoke, the tension generated by the previous cigarette goes away due to “drug work” and you feel okay for the moment. You feel, for those few moments after smoking, exactly how a nonsmoker feels all the time. I can tell, because I was a smoker and I am a nonsmoker.

What I want you to take from this one is that, if it feels, after every cigarette, the same as the nonsmoker feels, then you can feel how a nonsmoker feels… forever! If you get this, you are almost prepared to quit soon!

Hm? Was it short? :-)
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About the author: Corneliu Nicoara