Online Entrepreneur’s Labour Day

im-@ revolution-handbookLabour Day in the US, Canada, UK and other countries, not in my country. But I resonate with those who stay at home today and rest.

I used to be a labourer.
I’ve done a lot of manual labour jobs, on my journey to becoming an architect. I worked as a technician in a heating systems company, I worked as a mechanic, repairing big trucks, I worked as a plumber… I worked as a carpenter, even when I was a successful architect, because I needed to know how it is.

I know what it’s like to get paid the minimum wage, I know what it’s like to work hard, for more than 48 hours a week and I think I am able to appreciate a 3 free days “weekend”.

I have a tremendous respect for those who work hard for us, everybody, to have a normal life. The bus driver, the garbage cleaner, the lawn mower, the tools maker, the electrician, the rail-road builder…

I respect intellectual work as much. I became an architect because I wanted a “nicer” work, but it turned out to be hard work! It is somehow easier than physical work, but it’s by no means easy.
It’s beautiful, though. I loved it!

This is what makes all work feel the same: love for doing it.

You gotta love what you do for a living.
If so, you are celebrating this day not because is a third free day, but because work is important to you. Otherwise you’re missing something great.

When I entered this online business industry, I kinda needed it. I had to move far from my home country and to be able to go back whenever was necessary.
I was ready to do any kind of online work, whether I liked it or not. Because I did that before, working something I didn’t like.

labour-dayBut this internet marketing turned out to be love at first sight! I love writing blog posts, I love aggregating online communities, building sales funnels, learning how to write copyright sales letters and so on.

That’s why I can hardly stop from working. I don’t need to work the famous “4 Hours Week”, to get the rest of the week off. Because I love doing what I do.
I take the rest when I want to, or when I need to. I am exhausted many times, I fall asleep in a minute, that’s how tired I am sometimes.
But I sleep well because I am satisfied for the work I did. I worked that much not because somebody asked me to, but because I choose to, building my online business, my brand, documenting my books, preparing my speeches and so on.

Work at what you love doing. Rest today and start working again tomorrow.
Work something that inspires you and others, something that can help others changing the way they see themselves, as they see you as a reflection of themselves.

Do what you are good at. It’s usually what you love doing ;-) and others see it and would want to follow you. Maybe not from the beginning, but that’s not a problem if you do what you love doing. That’s what people love about you. Give it to them! They’ll pay you for it! Give them more of that and they’ll pay you more. Because they don’t want you to stop.
Because you make their life better.

It is the light you have inside yourself that they want to get a share of.
It may take time for you to find and refine it, but hang on there, it worth searching for and doing what seems to be worthless for others for a while.

When you’re not happy about what’s going on in what you do, look close enough to be able to see the joy in it, as long as you love doing what you get paid for.

I love building my internet business, even if, to be open to you, I am far from doing the guru’s 2 to 3 hours a day work, which, btw, I belive is a lie. The reward is in the journey, before being in the final destination.

And if you don’t love doing what you get paid for, do something more or better to change that. If you have to work, at least have it so that you jump out of the bad to do it.

More than just that, do you imagine how many people you’ll inspire by doing what you are called to do? Doing that, you’re like an artist to the people who want to follow you, to learn from you, to buy what you trust, to get your opinion on something.

I am thankful for being able to do what I do. My work on the internet as well as training my kyudo team. I don’t even have the time to focus on myself anymore! There are other people to serve.

Our work is the highest expression of who we are.
Make sure what you do represents you. Send out there a message that represents you. Build your business as if it’s you, make it represent you, make it work for you and for those who get benefits from it.

Start today if you haven’t yet. Use this Labour Day not to forget about your work, but to celebrate your work.



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara