Now That I THINK About It…

You find yourself thinking a lot about smoking, after you quit, you may start to worry, afraid that your quit is in danger… No danger there, unless you push it into the danger zone.

Having smoking in mind is normal, because we were smokers before and because of what I’ll explain below, in a very few words.

Especially when you didn’t clarify all the reasons you smoked for and then the reasons you’ve stopped for, you feel haunted by smoking. More so if you’ve had a hard time trying to quit, proving that you used a lot of willpower to stop, this proving, more, that you were trying to quit while having regrets that you must quit.

Thinking about smoking is not a problem, missing it is.

Smoking was a trauma, it’s just normal to have it in mind.
The problem is that most (sorry, guys and gals, but it’s true) smokers see it as the friend they had to leave behind, instead of as the bastard who cheated on them from the beginning.

I don’t have a problem thinking about it. I would have a problem if I would miss it, because I’d have to have a battle, not with smoking, but with myself, every day. What kind of nonsmoker’s life would that be, if I’d have smoking on my mind a lot?!

But trying to cover it with some other thoughts, or trying not to think about it won’t work, come on, you know it. So don’t try to “stay busy”, cuz it will make you more frustrated. And it won’t work.

The more you want to not think about something, the more it sticks to your mind. Like those stupid songs we can’t take off of our minds sometimes.always-on-my-mind

Hey, a personal one here.
Have you ever been in love and been disappointed? To the point that you tried to “stay busy” just to take your mind away from your loved one?

I know I have. It didn’t work, did it?…
Instead, address the problem, see why you smoked and why you quit. The real reasons, not the excuses. Because you were addicted.

I counsel smokers for free for 7 years, so I think about smoking every day. But it’s been the most exciting 7 years of my life and not for one moment did I think to have a smoke again.

More, I am on my way to become a PRO of quitting smoking, a facilitator, as they call it, which means I’ll put food on my family’s table depending on how good a job I do helping others to quit.

Now THAT’s thinking about smoking!

Not only every day, but all day long. Which is great, because I am passionate about it. That’s how I learn, that’s why I am competent on the subject. I’ll talk with you a lot, about smoking. The more we talk about it, the more I know about it, the better I am to help you, the easier it is for you to enjoy your non-smoking life!

But, hell, I won’t smoke again, ever, for no reason at all, including “because I am thinking about it a lot”.

You may compare it to something that may have happened in the past. Or you can simply imagine such scenario, because we are humans and can easily imagine things. Like an accident.

If you’ve been victim in a car accident, wouldn’t you be thinking about the accident, long after all your wounds were healed? And wouldn’t you find it normal to think of it that much? Allen Carr, the all-time biggest guru on quitting smoking, compared smoking with a prison, asking: “When thinking about your imprisonment, after being liberated, would that mean that you want to go back?”.



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara