Maintain Composure When You Quit Smoking

When we quit smoking, there is a fear that things will go wrong, that we will lose our composure and give in to smoking again. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I will teach you what it takes to keep your shit together when you feel week and how to build and amplify your strengths over all the important aspects of your life – business, career, relationships, beliefs…


One of the traits that successful, strong, elevated, inspirational people I know, those that we want to learn from and to act like, is the ability to maintain their composure in all those situations when things seems to go bad and everyone around them fall in desperation. It is when they not only stay calm, but, because everyone else is looking up at them, they take the responsibility of what is going to follow and, as a side effect, they grow, they become stronger and more reliable.

That is a skill and, like any skill, it can be learned, developed, mastered, then used in all kind of situations.

When you feel uncertainty after all the nicotine left your body already (usually not more than three weeks), when you feel a fear that smoking cravings become bigger than your ability to dismiss it at once, when you feel you crack and can’t control anymore what you feel, it is only a sign that you have more inner work to do.

So do it! Grow instead of getting week and expecting the worst. Use your energy to build yourself stronger, instead of wasting it to whine and make everyone around you feel pity.

Make your quit smoking a transformational process!
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About the author: Corneliu Nicoara