Let THEM Tell You What I Won’t

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Couscous marocain

What to write about, how long a post should be, how deep to dig into the subject, how relevant you want it to be to your audience, how often to post, these are all questions that can drag you down, especially in the beginning, when you don’t know exactly if what you want others to know is what others want to know.

I haven’t written any post in a while and I think that’s part of the struggles of the beginning. In time, the questions above will not even need to be raised, because the ideas will naturally get in an order. That is what’s happening when you really know what you are talking about.

And you really know what you are talking about when you blog about your passions. You can hardly stop posting!

Obviously, I don’t know what I am talking about, although I have my passions and interests, but I am still building this website. In the future, you’ll find here what everybody can learn from practising arts, in order to help them improve their everyday lives.
So if I don’t have much to say this day, I came with the idea of letting others talk about what they are passionate about.

Oh, I love this internet! I mostly love the “NET” part of it and here is why: you meet kinds of people who you won’t meet in your offline life, for a reason as simple as… location.

One of my recent friends is an “online friend”, whose presence on the internet is yet to grow.
We got in touch by simply him rasing a question on a matter of mutual interest and the other offering the awaited answer. No, it didn’t happen “by chance”, but because is no wonder that people meet when they share some interest.

The really nice part of such experience is that you then discover that you and your new online friends share much more than that few ideas shared in a Q/A post. In this case, we both love fruitcarving, martial arts, self-developement, making money online, all-mighty nature…

Ok, I know you already want to know more, so I won’t keep you waiting. Here is one of his sites: http://www.tajine-couscous.com/

PS: This is not an affiliate post. I just belive it is useful for you to know how goodwill brings benefits for everyone: I have a new friend, you find some fantastic marocaine food, my friend gets new fans… everybody is happy!



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