It Won’t Help Saying “It Won’t Help”

You stopped smoking for a while now and everyone around you is full of hope that you’ve cracked it for good. But something’s going wrong in your life and here you are smoking again…

“Smoking won’t help solving that particular problem” you’re told when you light one. Like you didn’t know that already. Like you’re smoking in order to solve that problem. Like you were that stupid!

I remember how I wanted to smoke even more when hearing that, because not only I had to deal with the problem itself, but also with the frustration that the person telling me that (with the best intentions) didn’t understand the reason why I was smoking.

The fact is I didn’t understand it myself. I just felt I wanted to smoke. And, if you’re still a smoker, you don’t understand it, either. Find the clue in this video.

To summarize, the addiction makes you want to smoke and, when you do, you feel a relief. So you think smoking itself helped. Next time you’re in trouble, you think of smoking.

How is it for you, how do you deal with this?

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About the author: Corneliu Nicoara