I Want It ALL and I Want It NOW!

… Said Freddie, together with “Queen”.Post-it Pile
The “I want it NOW” part sounds a little “bratty” to me, so I’ll dismiss it for the moment and I’ll only bring the most out of the “I want it ALL” part.

What I like the most about that song is the message and the strength it is conveyed with.
I find it so powerful because it’s daring, as most of us are told, all of our lives, that we just can’t have “it” all.

I’ll assume you do have something serious to “want it all and now” about.
The motivational side of it is not my topic here.
Today I invite you to start a new journey, one that will you bring huge benefits, once done correctly.


It was always a pain for me to not make good use of my day and if you could read my boring introduction to get here, it is a pain for you too.

Even if it’s not, we would all do more of the things we love doing, if we could. Don’t let your life be what you
Those of us who are not lucky enough to make a living of something we love the most, will see that there are be things in the way that, if we can simply pass over, will leave us with much more time.
Time is the most expensive waste on Planet Earth.

All my articles posted under the “Productivity” Category will not only bring you radical, immediate improvement – which we’ll accomplish together by the time you’ll finish the basic series of exercises – but you’ll LOVE amplifying your acquired skills to levels you couldn’t imagine being possible before.

After which, using the same skills, we’ll accomplish similar improvements to all kind of different areas of your life. Good!
Just… no matter how many and great other skills you have, if you don’t have time to use or show them off, it’s like you don’t have them at all.

So Being Productive is a first.

That’s because of time being the most expensive waste. We want use it, so we’ll stop wasting it. Realize that, once it is wasted, it is forever, you won’t get it back, ever.
On the other hand, once that you learn how to master the use of time, many other things will fall in their place like magic, right?

Notice how we’re already improving: as you are reading this, we are in the very process of doing the right thing at the right moment already. This is important for you to understand, read and apply, so keep coming back for more. Register your email address in the box below to be updated.
In the next post on productivity, I will guide you through the specific steps we’ll be going through, so you’ll know exactly what and when we will learn and apply, how things works in order to get things done, on time.

Your first task now is to commit to take the next step right. That is to stay in touch and prepare to be open to learn few simple things in the right order.
I’ll let you know each time I publish another post that will improve your productivity.

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make things happenAnd if you have your own way to get things done, please share. There is nothing more rewarding than letting others know about your goodies and seeing how others became better people as a result of what you’ve shared.
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