How You, Too, Can Be Successful From Day One

…And why you want to get along with me on the path to a sure win

Hey, I didn’t smoke anything, so I don’t know why I feel like this, but I am damn sure I’ll be successful in this Online Business adventure that I’m taking!

In fact, I am so strong and ready for this because I prepared this travel, in the exact way I advised you to do whenever you start something new. I call it adventure just because of the fun I am already having, while feeling the buzz of an unknown, yet desired road, heading financial freedom…

Here’s what I posted today on my FB page:
“I am about to start my first online affiliate business, next days. Gee, it feels like it is the first day at school!
I’m excited, full of hope, determined and… scared like shit!! :D (yeah, the laugher emoticon is meant to mask my fear)
Tonight, I’ll even publish an article at about this issue, so I invite you to check my blog in few hours from now.”

A short while ago, I was smart enough to take advantage of a great opportunity when I saw one.
After being frustrated almost all of my life for not getting in return as much as I gave away, I finally learned how to… give away even more!
And magic happened in the form of being accepted in a very well oiled system of self-growing internet businesses.

What I learned in this organization (they don’t call it so, I do!) is huge! Of course, I compare what I know now with what I knew about Internet Marketing before getting into
this world, which was next to nothing!…

Read again: I learned.
Me, me! Me, it was me, I learned everything, myself. They didn’t teach me, …they simply couldn’t.
But they did what they could do: they helped me, tremendously and they do it every day!

I will detail for you exactly how, in the near future (so, please, do yourself a favour and sign up for my updates, because, whoa!, belive me, you’ll want to know everything as soon as I “press” it). In many articles that will follow, I’ll share with you what will work for me, but also what will not, hoping that you’ll be smarter than me and learn from my mistakes, not from your own. Like you smart people do!

It follows that they won’t make me successful in online biz. It is only ME who can do that.
And I decided to start doing that now, and not later, for two main reasons.

First, I neeeeeed to take action! I am dragging myself down if I don’t take action, now!
My head is full of info, no more room! I learned a lot, I now learn how to stop learning and start applying what I learned, I must learn from the process of doing. You didn’t
learn riding the bicycle before actually trying and doing. I need to check what do work for me and what not, then I’ll adjust.

Secondly, I meet the challenge of having the opportunity to sell before even promoting anything. Great!
Money! But no, “Show me the money!” can’t be all there is to Internet Marketing.
So let me assure you, it is about the feeling that you have when you realise that you can bring a positive change in the life of your prospect. My favourite “jenius” online marketer, Frank Kern, never stops talking about the goodwill that one can bring in one’s marketplace.

This is how a win-win situation is built. It is beneficial for everybody: the customer, the seller, the marketer, the producer.
This is what it means to be successful in online marketing from day one.



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara