Get Back Into Your Comfort Zone

I love staying within my comfort zone. Do you?
I thought so, that’s why my message to you is “get out of back into your comfort zone”. It’s called comfort zone because it is… comfortable. Duh, I know.
The video down the page is a short conclusion of what you read in this post, so I sincerely recommend you read it. But if you’re in a hurry, scroll down to the bottom of this article and watch it now.

Anyway, I try to sell you on reading more by asking you this question:
Why do so many strong, influential people out there encourage you to “get out of your comfort zone”? Of course we know why.
It’s because they found that it is the best way, in many regards, to achieve much more than what you belive you can achieve on a given task, at a certain moment, in given conditions. Those people went through it all and can tell us it is the best path to follow.
Me too, as you can see, I only recommend doing what I do myself, usually. And also usually, I don’t follow what others say, if they don’t do that very thing themselves.
Especially on quitting smoking matters!

Oh, I must tell you, I had really hard time waiting for the right moment for me to quit. Every method I knew about was requiring me to accept going through painful weeks or months of cravings and uncertainty and expect relapses around any corners of life in the years to follow, having to “stay strong, to hang in there, hoping that it might get better some day…
I didn’t want that!

I love living well and I hate being forced to do anything. That doesn’t mean that I don’t do things that I don’t like doing, you get that, but I dislike doing them. I’m an easy-going man, yet I take the really important things in life very seriously. And when something is heavy, I find incredible resources within myself and I don’t spare any of them. Sometimes I have to push myself way out of my normal comfort zone and, after that, regardless of the successfulness of what I’ve done, I feel good!
It feels good.
You must know what I’m saying, you felt it yourself, it’s that “I really did my best and even more” feeling.
Then, we know that the limit wasn’t where we thought it was, but further and, after few such experiences, we become aware that it is never where we think it is, and we start to extend our actions toward and beyond those limits. What happens is growth, inside your heart and in the pocket.

But back to quitting smoking.
I didn’t want to extend my beloved limits, I have done that before and didn’t like it, so why would I punish myself? Especially knowing that one of my friends stopped smoking just like that. One morning, before leaving home, he passed his cigarettes to his wife, telling her that he didn’t need them anymore, cause he just stopped smoking, right then. And he did, he never smoked again.

I waited about four or five years for that to happen to me, too, but it didn’t. So I was now oscillating between the choice of waiting even more, who knows for how long, or putting myself through the discomfort of suffering those withdrawal pangs and bad cravings, using willpower, also not knowing for how long.

I quickly decided I wont take any of the two, because I was sure there must be a better way, one that can allow me to remain in my comfort zone. And there was that other way, I found it by chance, I quit and I showed it to others and they quit too.

What I didn’t realize when I found it is that… not that it let me “remain” in my comfort zone, but it rather sent me BACK into my comfort zone! This is what I was missing to understand in my one-only major attempt to quit, 27 years earlier. There wasn’t anything to trade, it was just going back to my normal state, back into my comfort zone.



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara