Doda Ri’ Thin’ – Ancestral Principles May Apply

The scary thing BEFORE quitting smoking is how you’d feel AFTER you actually quit. We take one thing for the other, we force anticipation of bad feelings, way before such feelings can possibly come.
Like with other aspects of life, two things are to be remembered. The first is that, if you really, really focus on shitty expectations, you might boost your chances to get them. The second is that, if you do the right things, in the right sequence, the right way and on time, the outcome will probably not be, by far, as bad as we imagine it, most of the times.

Principles are there to guide us. They were there since the beginning of time and will stay with us forever, regardless of us knowing or following them.
If you don’t spread the seeds, you won’t harvest shit.
Let’s better not waste Universe’s time and do ourselves a favour by understanding and following a principle:
Do the right thing, the right way, in the right sequence, at the right time.
When you quit smoking, decide to smoke your last cigarette and do so, only when you are ready, meaning you know what you must know, which is not little! Don’t smoke it before you know for sure it will be your last one. But also don’t procrastinate making the decision and following the process.



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara