Quit Smoking

Now That I THINK About It…

Thinking about smoking is not a problem, missing or wanting it is. Smoking was a trauma, it's just normal to have it in your mind. The problem is that most (sorry, guys and gals, but it's true) smokers see it as the friend they had to leave behind, instead of as the bastard who cheated on them from the beginning.

Banana Instead of Ice Cream? No way!

"How do you handle the wanting to eat? I find myself replacing the smoke with food. I get a craving for a smoke so I eat to get rid of the craving." The question comes from a real person, but I won't expose her name. Anyway, you've probably felt the same last time you tried to quit, so it is the same as answering to your question. Read this carefully, as you'll use this info over the next few days or weeks, if you just stop smoking now. The feelings of hunger for food and craving a cigarette are very, very similar. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons we...

Quit Smoking, Dump Your Friends!

if you can quit like I did, you won't even care how many people are smoking around you. You'd be a non smoker. To me, it was helpful to finally see how smoking is connected with itself alone. Every other "connection" is not real, we just belive it is. Like with partying, relaxing, having coffee, working, fishing, gardening, being stressed, being tired, or disappointed.

Two Days Before the Webinar

What We're Going to Cover: Why quitting smoking is actually a lot simpler than you've been told; How to spot the right knowledge to get results, not trials, without having to surf the internet all day long; Why you have to stop seeking support everywhere under the sun and whom to spend most of your time with; Why picking a "Quit Day" right away never works and what you should be doing instead; And my quit smoking system that you can deploy in order to quit smoking without having to be "missing your friend". Even if you didn't choose a method yet.

Registration for the Webinar, Opened

Update for the webinar on Dec. 16th: Here is the registration page that you need in order to attend: http://clicktoquitsmoking.com/webinars/from-chain-smoking-to-no-cravings/?force_show=register Please let me know if you can register, because I just uploaded it and I need your feedback. You’ll be redirected to the WEBINAR REGISTRATION PAGE when you click the link above or the picture below:

Webinar Video Update

Updated page for the webinar: I uploaded a quick video on the questions page. Please watch it now, because I will have to replace it soon, with every update. I am talking about what a webinar is, what to expect from it and how you can get the best out of it if you ask your question or make your comment before.       Watch it here: Quit-Smoking Webinar http://corneliunicoara.com/questions-webinar/  

Comments and Questions for the Webinar

In preparation for the upcoming webinar, where I’ll teach you exactly how I quit easily and you can do the same, step by step, I made a new page on the site, dedicated for your comments and questions you want answered in the webinar. Here is the page, click on this link, or click the “Quit-Smoking Webinar” tab in the Menu. If you have questions, or comments, now is the best time for them.