The “Benefit – Problem – Solution” Approach

You’re fighting your cravings and wonder if they’ll ever go away… If you keep fighting them, they won’t and I explain why – and what to do, in the spontaneous video I just made.

In the article below, I go deeper into revealing how our educated thinking stays in the way to freedom and I also teach you the simple shift you must make to get yourself to the freedom you deserve.

I was pretty lazy and I didn’t intend to publish it, but I make an important and very useful point, that you can apply immediately, so I guess it’s worth feeling a little embarrassed, only to help you be a happy non smoker.

I’ll just use the example of smoking cravings. But you can use this formula to approaching any of the problems you’re facing when you quit smoking.
Whether you just can’t stand the filthy habit anymore or you’re blaming yourself too much for smoking when you shouldn’t, the solution I am giving you here works as well.

If you still have cravings, regardless of quitting smoking recently or long ago, you feel that way because you give those cravings too much credit. They are not a problem in itself, they are just the sign, the representation of the real problem, which is the nicotine, together with what it made us to belive about smoking.

We are taught and used to thinking in the following structure:
Where there is a PROBLEM, we have to apply a SOLUTION to obtain the desired BENEFIT.

But this is like putting the cart before of the horse.
Long before our mind reaches the “Benefit” thought, we are already tired of and discouraged by the “Problem” thought. Nevermind getting to the “Solution”!

The solution must normally arise from defining the missing benefit, which requires giving the proper name to the problem.

When we see the problem to be the smoking-cravings themselves, we search for a solution to remove them, as we look at not having them as the benefit.
They are not the problem itself, so the benefit we’re trying to get will make us use the wrong solution.
If you try to not feel the cravings, this is the benefit you are looking after.
So, as a solution, you try taking some nicotine (patches, inhaler, spray, gum, whatever), to get rid of the cravings.
But the cravings are generated by the nicotine itself, together with the thoughts you have about what smoking means to you.

So what you do is you keep the negative ideas in your mind.
Circling in a negative state, by trying to reject the bad feeling of having cravings.

*Notice how I just used three negative words: “negative”, “reject”, “bad”.

What to do instead?

When we look at the real BENEFIT that is now missing, which is getting back to our normal life as non-smokers, we start seeking a SOLUTION that turns our thinking to “positivities”, thus improving our focus and energy in finding the best solution, and, even greater, in following through.

*Notice how I just used several positive words, please identify and count them by yourself – it will help to reset your thinking ;-) – and list them in the Comments below.

To conclude, structure the way you deal with your smoking cravings like this:

Benefit: A normal life, one that we can enjoy more as non-smokers.
Problem: An altered life as smokers stays in the way.
Solution: Do what it takes to have a normal life, by cutting the intake of the addictive substance, nicotine – which I can’t help you with, and by setting your mind to re-become a non-smoker one – this is where I can help.

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About the author: Corneliu Nicoara