Banana Instead of Ice Cream? No way!

“Ok so I got thru my first day. How do you handle the wanting to eat? I find myself replacing the smoke with food. I get a craving for a smoke so I eat to get rid of the craving.”

The question comes from a real person, but I won’t expose her name. Anyway, you’ve probably felt the same last time you tried to quit, so it is the same as answering to your question.

So you have a good reason to read this…

carefully, as you’ll use this info over the next few days or weeks, if you just stop smoking now.

The feelings of hunger for food and craving a cigarette are very, very similar. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons we don’t realise we smoke most of the times exactly because of the addiction itself.

Now, because of that confusion, when you stopped smoking for about a day and the nicotine left your body up to 80-90% by now, you feel that way, similar with hunger, so you are confused. True, your body does work better and better, and it does demand more food for that reason, that’s normal, but it is just a little part of the story here.frequently-eating-snacks-760x428

If you fall for all those scientific explanations -which we don’t thoroughly understand anyway, unless you’re a pro, which I’m not- you just get more confused.

My cat? She doesn’t need to know the science behind her ability to catch and eat a mouse, yet she’s doing it. Perfectly!

Simply remember this for the next two or three weeks: every time you know you are actually hungry and you know you didn’t eat in a while, do just that, eat.
However, if you know you’ve just eaten recently, so you’re full and there is no reason to feel hungry, you better be aware it is the nicotine claiming its tribute.

Action to take: say the “f” word with gratitude, because what you feel is the proof your chemical addiction is crumbling.

Lets take this one step further.

Whenever you try to replace smoking with anything else, you are doing yourself a great disservice and you prolong that uncomfortable state.

Don’t, please. It’s like you’ve been in prison and now you’re out and want to replace the prison with something else, instead of enjoying the freedom from the first day.

Eating carrot sticks won’t take away the cravings for smoking, no matter how healthy they are. The fiber in the oatmeal will not calm your cravings either. Because the cravings were generated by a completely different cause: nicotine withdrawal.

Let the nicotine go and be happy.

It’s the same as wanting to eat ice cream and you’re offered a banana. Banana is great, I love eating banana, I eat banana every day. But, if I want an ice cream, eating banana won’t remove my desire for ice cream. I can’t fool myself. Would you?

Leave smoking it out of your life, now that you’ve stopped. Don’t keep it alive by telling to yourself that you need something else instead.

Smoking is not for humans.

Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to write this!



About the author: Corneliu Nicoara