Autoresponder Basics

Email-Autoresponder-imageThis post is telling you the basic info you need to know about autoresponders.

It’s written exactly the way I wanted to find one written few months ago, when I started my Internet Marketing business.

An autoresponder is basically a tool one uses to… respond automatically. To a lot of people at once, or to anybody who inserts their email address in a box.

It is what’s keeping your future customer in touch with you, informed about the products that you sell, building a nice, helpful relationship. You learn more about their needs and they learn more about how you can help them solve their needs.

In order to have that happening, you need to collect the email addresses of those interested in what you have for them. That’s why you put that form onto your webpage. I’ll show you how in another post.

Every day, or every few days, you send them an email containing important info or just a hug ;) , but if you do this manually, you’ll do it all day long, daily.
Instead, use this automated service.

You work once to set everything up, then you have more time for whatever you love doing.

For example, I like to improve things, so one thing that I do when I benefit of the time left by using an autoresponder is to make my emailing sequence better, or to write this kind of helpful materials for you.

So in another post, I’ll show you how I make and improve my emailing system.

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