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Architect by profession (as well 11695762_929882330407125_5386087169101897854_nas… lets see: soldier, telegraph operator, car and truck mechanic, plumber, digger, welder, carpenter, tailor, musician, designer, postman, gardener, house cleaner – yes, I earned a living with all that),
kyūdō 弓道 practitioner by passion,
online information lover and publisher,
forever committed to continuous inner growth, leading to prosperity.

My whole energy turned lately to this quit smoking big ass deal.
Too many of the people I know seem to sigh about kicking cigarettes out of their lives… I mean, even if they stopped smoking, cigarettes keep haunting their minds…
So I decided to build something myself, publishing about the matter, from my seven years of freedom and normality that followed those 27 years spent in fumes.

Let me be frank here: what I actually decided is nothing less than… to become the most influential quit smoking lord on the internet! Numero uno.
My friend, I will constantly call for your support in spreading the word. Smoking is worst than plague, because plague is feared by everyone, while tobacco isn’t…
I started by just taking a step ahead of others, to change the world im my little way… Today I acknowledge you for taking YOUR first step, by reading this. Thank you. Keep on reading, your life might just have started to improve.

Why online? For a naturally balanced lifestyle: it allows me to put my message out there from wherever I please to be. My mother lives in Romania, as well as my older brother and so many friends. My father’s grave is there also. My younger brother lives in Spain with his family. I have a niece in Canada, many friends in the USA, many in Japan, where I spend another big part of my time, living with the woman I love and practicing kyudo (3rd Dan so far).


Though it sounds strange to say that the latest communication technology, the internet, makes something to be “natural”, it is so, because natural living (or natural anything) means for me without big efforts, but organically, like everything in nature.

And the internet offers me that “without big efforts” thing.

…I took the offer and I share it with you! I share my quit smoking advice here and I plan to build a nice online program to help smokers to quit without cravings. Because…

The Internet is not only the global marketplace, it is also the wide scene for inspiring individuals and masses, it is the instant communicating tool for long distances, between different countries; it is the comfortable intellectual environment for “net-thinkers” (I made this term up); it is the thoughts dispenser.

Since my early childhood I’ve been told that I have something marvelous to share with this world. Being considered the wonder kid in the arts plastiques school, I also played violin (didn’t like it, now I do), I designed luxury furniture and sang in the Timişoara Philharmonic, designed some buildings as an architect, I believed it was my mind and heart, through my hands, that will deliver my gift.fruit z

But it seems that quitting smoking is what turned me inside out more than anything. My family and friends know it, I wanted you to know it, too.

I learned that, when you quit smoking, you can simply stop. And you’ll do fine.
Or you can choose to Transform Your Life further, for the benefit and happiness of all of those around yourself.
It’s what I CHOSE, anyway.

Thank you.


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